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Get More Online Leads: 3 Essential Elements Of An Appealing Website

3 Website Tips, get more online leads

Guest Author: Carla Baldock.

The basic design of your website can have a huge impact on your flow of online leads. If your website does not instill a positive first impression, then you are probably wasting your internet marketing promotion funds. Implement the 3 website design ideas below for a dramatic improvement in your online leads flow.

Seeing your website through the lens of your customer could provide you with great insight in terms of exploiting your internet marketing promotion efforts, resulting in more online leads. An attractive looking website increases its traffic naturally as visitors who like the site will return and will also refer their friends.

The appearance of your website speaks volumes about you and your business. It’s important for you to position yourself as a leader with a good looking website if you intend owning a successful online business. As business opportunity seekers increase in the marketplace, your aim is to build a memorable first impression. You can give yourself a competitive advantage by delivering a compelling website, thereby improving the quality of your online leads.


1. Professionalism

A business opportunity seeker’s first impression will determine if they develop into an online lead for your business or not. If your website looks amateurish and created with modest effort, it indicates that the business you run is likely to be unprofessional.

When dealing with business opportunity seekers, especially on the internet, it’s imperative to look professional in all aspects. Not only should you differentiate yourself from other internet marketers out there, but you should inspire the perception that your business is a top home business and is built on integrity. You want prospects to feel certain about joining your business. If you don’t present a professional looking website that excites them, they may not achieve that confidence, negatively affecting your online leads flow and hence new customers.

It’s not compulsory to have a an expert design a professional website for you. You just need the willingness to try different formats, words, images and color charts. Then decide which works best for your business and target market.

Thus a professional appearing website will support your internet marketing promotion efforts, resulting in an increased flow of online leads and ultimately business partners.

2. Entertaining

Secondly, your website must have an entertainment value. This means you should have something to draw a business opportunity seeker further into your site. If they notice something of benefit they are likely to go through your site in more detail.

For example, your internet marketing promotion could offer a free video or report that is useful to your visitor – this can easily increase your online leads supply.

There’s no use in putting effort into your internet marketing promotion, just to drive a business opportunity seeker to a boring site that they stay on for a maximum of two seconds. This drives traffic away rather than converting it into prospects.

3. Appealing to the Eyes

A website that is appealing to the eye will perform best. Appealing to the eye basically means that your website should be nice-looking as well as straightforward to use.

Use a design template and color scheme that appeals to a selection of business opportunity seekers. It’s best to use dark colors for text and include splashes of color in pictures, borders and backgrounds. Apply an exciting yet easy to use layout. If your website is appealing to look at and easy to navigate, visitors will create a positive impression and return, or even better be “sold” on your business and you.

If you focus on these compelling reasons to design an attractive website, you will be rewarded with referred business opportunity seekers. Having a website that depicts a professional, entertaining and appealing image is the key to regular online leads. So, if you are in the process of creating a new site or if you are considering revamping an existing one, keep these three tips in mind to attract quality online leads.

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Bonus Tip

Language. The language of your site is very important. It can make or break the conversion process. Know your audience as begin to write content for your website. Check out more information about Brand language here.

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